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2016 Dr. Loosen Riealing Eiswein 375ML

2016 Dr. Loosen Riealing Eiswein 375ML

Eiswein (ice wine) is another of nature’s rare and wonderful gifts from the Mosel to the wine world. Dr Loosen holds aside certain plots of vines, hoping for a freeze deep enough (minimum –8° C) to harvest frozen grapes. These grapes are picked in the small hours of the morning and pressed while still frozen, to slowly squeeze out a few drops of precious nectar while leaving the water behind as ice.

Picked and pressed during a natural freeze in December 2016, this vibrant, racy dessert wine conjures flavors of densely packed pear, apple and guava, with an intense, nervy edge in the aroma. It is luscious, silky and juicy on the palate, with bright acidity giving it a crisp, dynamic finish.

VARIETY Riesling
STYLE White Wine
SIZE 375ml

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