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Beninanko Umeshu 720mL

Beninanko Umeshu 720mL

"Beninanko-ume"" is a variety of Nanko-ume grown in Wakayama whose green surface is tinged with bright vermilion from sunlight. This tinge is found only on the fruits that receive abundant sunlight on the trees; Beninanko is a very rare and precious type of ume, traded only in high-end markets. Also because Beninanko-ume can only be harvested in years with good weather, they become so valuable in rainy and cloudy years, making its shipment impossible.

Because of the effects of the red sun, and its smell is rich and deep, which is different from that of fully ripe umeshu or umeshu made with green ume fruits. Blessed by the nature, it is a truly luxurious and precious umeshu with a smell of the sun.

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