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Sakurao Classic Japanese Dry Gin

Sakurao Classic Japanese Dry Gin

Sakurao Gin Classic recipe consists of 9 botanicals directly harvested in the Hiroshima area such as lime, yuzu, bitter orange, summer orange, sweet orange, hinoki cypress bark, green tea, red shiso and ginger.

The freshly harvested plants are delicately infused to extract the finest aromas, the resulting liquid is then distilled in small batches. But the peculiarity of this gin comes from its still production allowing two different methods; the addition of botanicals in neutral alcohol to be distilled and the maceration of botanicals in alcohol which has been continuously distilled.

Its intense nose expressing lemon aromas mixed with hinoki notes, Japanese cypress, is complemented on the palate by notes of green tea, ginger and orange. In the end, the scent of orange zest will take over to slowly disappear.

ABV: 40%

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