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Taylor & Smith Gin 500mL

Taylor & Smith Gin 500mL

This small-batch handmade gin is made from a distinctive and smooth base spirit derived from Huon Valley apples to form a uniquely crafted Eau de vie.

The Eau de vie spirit and the botanicals are then distilled together in a 400-litre copper pot still, Essie, handmade by Ben.

It’s in this final distilling process where 17 botanicals are introduced; including both contemporary Tasmanian and traditional botanicals. These include Sweet-scented Kunzea, hand-harvested Kombu, Tasmanian Pepper Berries, Leatherwood Honey, Juniper, Coriander, and Blood Orange.

The pure water uses comes from a lake of snowmelt at Mount Field National Park that feeds directly down to the distillery.

Country of Origin: Australia

ABV: 40%

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