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Sansibar Secret Highland Malt Whisky

Sansibar Secret Highland Malt Whisky

An independent bottling of single malt whisky from a highland distillery.

Distilled in 2007, this was selected by and jointly bottled for Sansibar and Finest Whisky Berlin, at 13 years old.

Sansibar Whisky is a German independent bottler, specialising in Scotch, Japanese whisky and rum. Founded by connoisseur, Jens Drewitz, he tastes and hand-selects almost every cask he purchases, on site at the distilleries. An impressive eye for quality, Sansibar have also supported other small independents, acting as the exclusive German distributor for Glasgow's North Star, and Hidden Spirits in Italy.

One of only 689 bottles drawn from cask in 2020.

Alcohol Volume: 45.7%

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