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Chartreuse Yellow Liqueur 700ml

Chartreuse Yellow Liqueur 700ml

Created in 1840, the "Liqueur de Santé" is the first liqueur made from the original recipe of the Elixir Végétal de la Grande Chartreuse. It was so popular that Father Garnier, attorney and responsible for the liqueurs at the time, later decided to officially name it 'Chartreuse Verte', and registered the “Chartreuse” mark in 1852. It is still produced and manufactured today by the Chartreux Fathers in their Aiguenoire distillery in Entre-Deux-Guiers.

Yellow Chatreuse, first produced in 1838, is just as good (43% alc./vol.), though milder, sweeter and more aromatic. It is not only invaluable as a liqueur with coffee, but is the final decoration for a Gin daisy and other delicate drinks. The much sought after White Chartreuse, the sweetest version of the three, also exists or did exist. Whatever the case, it's unavailable in Australia. Chartreuse is most often drunk on its own or with ice. Alternatively, it makes a refreshing Summer sipper mixed with tonic.

Country of Origin: France

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