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Old Kempton Tasmanian Embezzler Gin 700Ml

Old Kempton Tasmanian Embezzler Gin 700Ml

Named after the very person who built Dysart House. After being convicted of embezzlement and serving out his sentence, William Ellis built Dysart House here in Kempton. Home to our distillery where we create our Classic Dry styled gin using 14 botanicals to create what we think is a beautifully balanced gin.

Embezzler Gin is designed to be a well-balanced gin that incorporates a strong juniper character, blended with citrus, florals, spices, sweetness, and ending with a traditional London dry finish that just lasts just long enough before you are wanting to take another sip. The Embezzler should stand out in your glass and can be drunk straight, on ice or chilled, with tonic or our suggestion is chilled with a slice of lime.

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